Darlow management has had over 10 years’ experience with a variety of different energy crops in order to determine the most economically efficient, high yielding species suitable for commercial plantations in our key regions of operation, the Philippines and Ghana.
Our objective was to create carbon neutral, sustainable, renewable energy from un-used or marginal lands at a price point below that of coal. Our high yieldig species of bamboo which is over five times the density of normal bamboo, met this objective, along with certain species of perennial grasses.
Most of today’s renewable energy sources are not price competitive unless subsidies are available. As a result, Darlow have created a business model for commercial scale plantations which has the following advantages:

  •  Long life cycle (in excess of 15 years), with no replantingn required
  •  Yearly harvest, therefore yearly predicable income
  •  Carbon neutral energy production
  •  High yield per hectare
  •  Early first harvest

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