Darlow Enterprises is a leading developer and advocate of the necessary transition towards a green economy. We are an industry expert in managing energy cropping and operating the maintenance and nursery of bamboo plantations. With the supply chain from seedlings to harvest incorporated within our company sphere, we can guarantee a smoothly run business with a consistent output.

We are currently operating in Ghana and the Philippines. With a market reputation of reliability and our recent track record of success regarding the process of producing bamboo on a commercial scale, we are currently looking to expand our business to more and bigger scale plantations as well to include the management of different types of energy crops as such as Miscanthus (elephant grass) and soon, Giant King Grass.

The worldwide consumption of Bamboo in everything from biomass to clothes and construction, tells us that we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg of this emerging boom industry. Today 3,500 million cubic meters of wood are harvested worldwide, 55% of that is used for heating and cooking. Our end clients will produce energy by means of Pyrolysis oil, wood chips and wood pellets.

Bamboo is the future. In a globalized world where we expect to see an increase in the total population by 3.5 billion until the end of the century, we have to make the transition from an economy running on petro dollars to one running on conscious capitalism that will provide high end returns environmentally, as well as financially.