The world timber demand is increasing at a rapid rate but the timber supply is depleting. It’s been found through research that bamboo can suitably replace timber and other materials in construction and other works. Industrially treated bamboo has shown great potential for production of composite materials and components which are cost-effective and can be successfully utilized for structural and non-structural applications in construction. Bamboo is one of the oldest traditional building materials used by mankind.

Four Year Proprietary Bamboo Wall thickness
compared to normal bamboo

Bamboo is used extensively throughout South Asia, East Asia and the South Pacific as an inexpensive, plentiful and sustainable material in a variety construction projects and scaffolding is no exception. The strength and durability of the plant easily bears the weight of workers, their tools and other materials. Darlow’s proprietary species of bamboo is solid and therefore has 5 times the strength of other species of bamboo.

Bamboo has incredible tensile strength, meaning that it can withstand significant amounts of stress and is comparable to steel’s tensile strength. While the use of a natural material to aid in the construction of large-scale construction projects throughout the world may seem strange, one only has to look as far as China or India where bamboo is used in much the same capacity as steel is in North America.




Given its durability and strength, bamboo is an easily workable, light and extremely stable building material. It is an exceptional material that withstands large amounts of weight, making it suitable for footbridges in rural settings.  Bamboo has long been used as scaffolding and housing. The Philippines have a long history of house construction where the walls are split and woven bambo0, bamboo  slats and poles used as its support. In Japanese architecture, bamboo is used primarily as a supplemental and/or decorative element in buildings such as fencing, fountains, grates and gutters, largely due to the ready abundance of quality timber.