Investing in bamboo plantations and green energy:

If you would be given the opportunity of making an investment with the economic as well as environmental upsides offered by the traditional forestry industry, but with pay-outs on your investment calculated on a significantly smaller timescale, then would you take it? The question is of course rhetorical as the facts speak for themselves when it comes to the fastest growing boom industry of green energy: bamboo plantations.

A billion people worldwide live in houses constructed by bamboo. Only in India, 2.2 million tonnes of bamboo are used in the making of paper; add to that all the other market fields where the use of bamboo could be applicable, such as providing vast resources of green energy in the form of pyrolysis oil, wood chips and wood pellets.

Our strategically located bamboo plantations offer a unique possibility for investors to contribute to a sustainable development while enjoying the financial fruits of the fastest growing plant in the world.