The advantages of investing in the Philippines

  • Strategic Location for Global Exports – The country is ideally situated within the world’s fastest growing region, lying at the crossroads of international shipping and air lines.
  • Highly Educated Professionals and Workers – Filipinos are among the best educated, highly trainable, creative, and English-speaking labour force in Asia.
  • A Stable and Democratic Government – The Philippines is now enjoying political stability.
  • Continually Improving and Expanding Infrastructure – The Philippine government has also been upgrading the water and power supply, roads, air and sea ports, telecommunication systems, and other support facilities.
  • Rich Natural Resources – The country still has vast and untapped natural resources. The government has been encouraging foreign investors to take active participation in developing and discovering new and alternative resources.
  • Liberal Policies and Procedures – The government has passed many laws which greatly enhance foreign investments. These laws have opened up more areas to 100-percent foreign equity and assured full repatriation of their earnings and capital.
  • Growing Market – With its population of over 68 million, the Philippines has a large and demanding domestic market.
  • High Standard Lifestyle at Low Cost – Investors can obtain, at reasonable costs, first-rate business, housing, educational, recreational, leisure, and shopping facilities in Metro Manila and in major cities all over the country. On health care, there are many modern and well-equipped hospitals throughout the country.