Bamboo can be grown in most types of soil provided they are not rocky. The ideal soil is either soil or a loam. A sandy loam is fairly satisfactory for bamboo growth, but clayey loam produces the best quality shoots. The rhizomes of the bamboo may go as deep as 60 centimeters. Soil acidity must be corrected before planting could be started. . Bamboo grows well in sandy soil and very well in red clay

Land for bamboo plantation should be well drained. Soil moisture is important both for growth and for transporting food to the plant through its rooting system. If the rainfall is too high, excessive water will be harmful and reduce yields and cause rot in the rhizomes.  and if the soil easily yields drops of water when squeezed in the hand, it is too wet for rhizome growth and will cause rot. Very flat land, with impermeable soils which lead to water ponding and will need drainage, either mole drains or slotted polythene pipe in trenches back-filled with pea gravel and coarse sand. Level land is desirable but a hillside will serve if the slope is not more than about 7° or 8°; it should not be greater than 15°. The hillside provides natural drainage